Reflection 9 (week 12)

This is my fourth week working on my blogging project. I got really into the project this week. My fiancé are constantly cooking and eating chicken and so it felt right to add a week about chicken. It wasn’t hard talking about chicken meals because lately that’s all we’ve been eating. My fiancé teases me because of how into the project I have been getting. I am really enjoying researching my meals and learning the history. I have also been sharing my newfound knowledge with my students, who mostly rolled their eyes when I told them a new fun fact about chickens. Since my fiancé and I are watching what we are eating for our upcoming wedding, I wanted to incorporate a healthier option meal, but I also found some really fun (not so healthy) chicken meals.

Things I struggled with this week:

Personally, I struggled with wanting to make these elaborate calorie filled chicken goodness recipes I was finding, but also knew that if I ate those kinds of meals, I would never get into my wedding dress at this rate. I want my recipes I choose for the blog something people can enjoy and are less bland than baked chicken breasts and green beans. I love that meal, but to me, it just didn’t seem to fit into my blog style. I want easy meals, but I also want people like me to try new things and get out of their cooking comfort zone. If I stuck only to what I know, then I wouldn’t be able to build on my skills (both blogging and cooking). I decided on two meals again this week; one a little healthier (chicken fajitas) and one not healthy (chicken fries). I’m still working on finding a balance that I will be comfortable with.

Things I learned:

I learned how to edit pictures! While I’m making my recipe, I am taking pictures with my iPhone and then uploading them to my computer to upload to my media content on my blog. I noticed last week that some of the pictures were not that great and that I should’ve cropped some of the background out. While I was choosing my images for this week, I noticed the edit button!! It does the bare minimum (crop, rotate, zoom) but that’s all I need. I could crop out some the background. Also, I took one of my photos sideways because I needed to fit more into the frame, and all I had to do was rotate it to make it look good for my blog.

Speaking of pictures, I also need to just take better pictures in general. I know it is just a amateur blog that was originally designed for a class, but I haven’t been happy with some of my photos. Some of them look good, but my end result with the chicken fajitas in the tortilla doesn’t look as appetizing as it could be. When I am looking through a cooking recipes, that’s the first thing I look at: the end product. If it doesn’t look good, I might stay away from making it. I don’t like that because my fajitas were delicious, and I wish the picture showed how good they really were.


Things I worked on this week:

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