RSS Feeds

I know before this class, I’ve heard of RSS feeds, but I had no idea what it meant. After googling what RSS stands for, it made sense to be called Really Simple Syndication because that’s exactly what it is. These feeds make keeping up with every site I use WAY easier. I like that any and all sites and blogs I look at every day can be in one space for me to look at and see what I’m missing. I registered on feedly, and the tutorial was very easy to follow along to get some sites added to my feed. I first subscribed to the Daybook and Weblogs and Wikis so I could see any new messages and posts without having to go to each site separately. So far, the main thing I like about using this reader is I don’t have to have five tabs open and have to keep going back and forth. All of the new information for these sites is all in one place and I can read it right there. Before registering on feedly, I kept checking twitter to see if any new students were adding their blogs, so I could check them out and follow them. Once I found a classmate’s blog, I would copy their url and paste it into feedly and then click follow. I then found that on the Daybook on the right side labeled Current Contributors, I can see all the blogs from class. I went through and subscribed to all classmates blogs on my feedly. Now I can just go to feedly and see who is posting. So far, this has been helpful to see when our professor adds new things to the Daybook for us to look at. I know once we get into the course more and have to read and comment on each other’s posts, this RSS will really come in handy to see who has new things up. Another thing I like about feedly is I can organize it into categories or “collections” as feedly calls them. When I hit follow, it asks me where I want to put the feed. I made two collections; “Blogs” and “Weblogs and Wikis”. I put all my classmates’ blogs in one category and put sites like twitter, the Daybook, and Weblogs and Wikis Home Page in another. Once I find other sites I check every day, I will make another category for those. You can expand and hide the categories and I personally like that because when I see too many things at a time, I can get overwhelmed. Another thing to keep things organized and not so overwhelming is I can click at the bottom of the page mark as read. Once you click on this, the notification next to that feed goes away. It will help me keep track of things I looked at and remind me of things I need to go back and read. So far in this class, RSS has been my favorite thing I’ve learned about. It’s one of those tools that was made to make life on the web so much easier, and that is big for me!! I think it will be extremely helpful to keep me organized for this class!