Reflection 10 (Week #13)

This is my fifth week working on my blogging project. Again like last week with cooking chicken, I was used to making eggs every day. My fiancé and I love eggs and from the beginning, I knew I would incorporate an egg meal at some point. I am actually surprised I like eggs so much. Both my parents don’t like eggs (my dad actually gets sick when he ever eats them), so I didn’t eat a lot of eggs growing up. I started making eggs a lot in college because it was cheap, easy to make, and filling to eat. My fiancé claims he ONLY lived on Omelets in college. I think eggs were a really good choice for my blog because they are a simple meal and you can make them so many ways.


Something I struggled with this week was deciding what exactly I was going to make. Every day, I make myself eggs over hard with a little salt and pepper. It is a two-minute meal and probably could have fit in with my cooking blog, but I also want to challenge myself as a cook and find meals that are still easy, but give people a little more variety in their life. I had the same issue last week because the chicken we make every day at home is pretty bland compared to what we made for the blog. I want there to be a balance because I want to get recipes to represent real life beginner cooks, but I also want the recipes to be something people actually want to go home and make. Another thing I’m already struggling with is finding ideas of what I want to make for next week. I usually have a pretty good idea by the weekend before, and my fiancé and I do all our grocery shopping on Sunday (the work week gets way too crazy to sit down and meal prep and find recipes and still go to the store). My original plan was to make some kind of soup, but since it has been unseasonably warm out for April, the last thing I want to cook and my fiancé wants to eat is hot soup. I have a few ideas, but we’ll see what happens.


I have been practicing with editing my photos some more this week. A coworker told me you could edit your photos on Photoshop software before uploading the photos to the blog media content. I am not sure if I’m ready for that step yet. I don’t want my photos to be too edited. Like my Instagram, I don’t use that many filters and I thought, especially for a beginner cooking blog, I want it to look like how I see it in person, the real life cooking for beginners. Another thing I have learned this week came from my research on eggs. I never knew what labels meant (nor did I ever take the time to look). I learned this week that if your eggs say “no hormones added” that is just a way to sell you more expensive eggs when ALL eggs can’t have hormones added according to FDA guidelines. I also don’t like when things are labeled “organic”. What does that mean? Well, in the eggs case, it doesn’t mean anything. Eggs aren’t organic. It just means the chickens were only fed with ingredients that don’t have any pesticides. I know I say this every week, but I really am learning more than I ever thought I would and have enjoyed learning.


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