Donkey Basketball

If you ever need a fundraising idea, I have two words for you: DONKEY BASKETBALL!! Our seniors are going on a trip this spring and to raise money, they hired a company from WI, Dairyland Donkey Ball, that brings these donkeys to you to ride and try and play basketball. Some of the teachers and faculty from FHS created a team, and I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard!!! The donkeys have a mind of their own and kept bucking people off of them!! Our superintendent has a bruised hip from his shift in the game! It was hysterical to watch, and our students raised over $12000, so it was a success!!

P.S. In the background, you can see our principal in the light purple suit (our colors are purple and gold). He was a part of the sanitation crew who were in charge of clean-up if the donkey had an accident during the game! 

Icebox of the Nation?

This time last year it was -30° and today it was 36°!! I know for people who aren’t from MN,  36° is freezing, but for fellow Minnesotans, it felt like a heatwave! Today I went ice fishing with my fiancé and his family, and we didn’t have to set up our pop-up fish houses. We just sat on chairs and buckets outside on the ice.  The only downside was the massive amount of snow that had melted from it being above freezing and turned into five inches of water on top of the ice. By the end of the day, we left with a small pond around us, and cold feet from slushing in water. I couldn’t get over how warm the weather was for the end of January!! With my hometown’s annual Icebox Days coming to a close this weekend, which celebrates us being named one of the  coldest cities in America, it made me question could this really be The Icebox of the Nation?

This photo was in the beginning of the day before the water took over. We took home thirteen keepers